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Last evening(Beijing Time), reanoll told me he can’t access wordpress.com, because of wikipedia and typepad was just blocked by Chinese govement, I guess WP got the same problem.

But when we acess via proxy, it’s still can’t visit our blogs on wordpress.com, we were sure wordpress.com got it’s own problem, maybe server or network.

A moment later, wordpress.com was back, but I fund the data has back to Oct.27th, 2 of my blog post lost.聽 In the dashboard there was a boradcast, said WP’s server down at that time, now it’s over came, but data were roll back to 2 days before.

This morning, when I planed to write an entry about this thing. I found all my posts back. What a good job! Thanks to the WP team 馃槈


Back to the future by Matt

I bought my PC long time ago. It’s Hardware spec was so poor in now a days.

CPU: P III 800MHZ RAM:128 SDRAM Chipset: Intel i815EP

It always work hard…I found it get slower and slower day by day. I have to upgrade my PC inorder to get better performance. But I have not so much budget, I desided to upgrade my RAM first, it’s my PC’s choke point. So I bought 1 256SDRAM for it.

Now with the new RAM, my PC feel much more faster now 馃槈

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