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I try to publish my blog by using Flock browser. It has a function you can write blog spot in a utility 馃槈

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I was appointed as a sub-manager about our SWV(software verifiction) team when I back China.
This is not a really management position I think, but I should check our member鈥檚 report, and assistant the group leader manage our team. So I became more and more busy form Oct.
I will reduce my blogging time to enhance my working performance. My blog will became ruleless, I know that is not good for my bloging life, but work must come first, isn鈥檛 it?

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This is a blog entry published by Zoundry. I’d like to test this desktop blog publish tool.
Zoundry also have a Zoundry ID, need invitition, but only for US residents.

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Because of the Xihu Exhibition, Hangzhou held a firework show every year. And this years show will be hold on this firday.
But different from last years, this year will hold beside the Qianjiang reiver, not beside the West lake as usual.
I have never attend the show in the past times, because there will be many persons at that time, that will be a large problem when the show finished, you can not order a taxi! There were all of people around the street.
But, this time I planed to have a look. I attend 2 firework show in Japan, I’d like to compare are there any differents between Japan and China’s firework 馃槈
Sure I will take my Nikon 7900 with me, I planed to take some pictures, you can wait and see them on my Filckr ablum.

When I came back China, there were too many bad lucks arround me.
My mobile HDD bought from Japan broken because the careless use. My memeries in Japan were all in that HDD! OMG, what should I do?
And yesterday, my OS also got some problem when boot up. It always got blue screen -,- and can not enter the system.
China have an old words:” Bad lucks never comes alone.” so, I have double of bad lucks.
I hope no more bad luck today. I will try to finish yezi’s order, I think.

I am in NanKing attending Mao‘s PBC(Private Blogger Confrence) today.
I met 6e,Owen,Hengge,ChineseTea ect. in the PBC. Also I dreamed for NanKing about 10 years, but usually I have no chance to come to this city.
I am so excited that I can see these blogger in my real life 馃槈
Tomorrow maybe we will go to ZhongShanLin, you can meet we there if you also in NanKing these days.

My Odeo Channel
Yesterday, I reicieved ODEO’s alpha evaluation invition. I made a podcast chanel for myself.
Now there was 1 podcast 馃槈
I will try more about the podcast. You can access my podcast by click the picture above.

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There was a them activity on Flickr. Every person who attend this activity will post the pohoto today.
So you can see people all of the world, they taking pictures, and post on the Flickr photo pool. You can see the different places in the same today.
This is my photo, this morning I just walked out of my dorm. The photo was about the front of my dorm.

Last evening, Ome engeineers arranged my farewell party in the company club.
It’s very happy that evening. When they know yesterday was my birthday, they song the “Happy birthday” for me, that’s very sweet.

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