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写这个只是因为看到只说写给小小的信,很感兴趣,所以画蛇添足地要写这个.或者大家想只说写的是Geek对话美女主编,那我用什么题目呢. 或者咱们朴素一点,就是两个Blogger之间的对话吧.

这个系列,犹豫了很久是单独写给一个朋友还是写给我的朋友们呢? 初步决定还是应该写给那些我一直仰慕,但是缘悭一面的Blogger朋友们。


I said that I would like to attend the firework show for Xihu Expo2005 last saturday.

But, actually I haven’t attend that show, because one of my friends held a B-day party that day. So I chose attend that party at last.

It was very happy that night, I met many new firends in the party. 🙂

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