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wordpress.com seemed was unblocked by China’s GFW.

But now the connection was still not very good. It become “404” error very often, I was afraid of the 2nd time block.

It’s theme friday again. WordPress.com offered 4 new themes, thanks to Matt, those are very nice.

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I found 2 fantastic change with wordpress.com blog, today.

first, if you want make your wordpress.com blog a little different with other blogs?
yes, you can change some presentaion options in dashboard.

second, if you want import your other blog entry. Please follow this url: http://yourname.wordpress.com/import.php

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Also my NEC N8 just bought years ago, but for some reasons, it became out of time now.

It not support JAVA and it’s carmera only 11,000 pix. I want bought 1 3G cell phone, and my dream phone was sonyericsson’s V800.

Let’s have a look at it. I find some pictures form the web.

sonyericsson V800 

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I planed to launch “ourlife” project months ago.
And now, it’s really started with my first entry. from today, I will start this project myself. And if you want to be one of the author  please  E-mail me .
That’s all. I will write a chinese blog entry latter, to explain this project. you can wait 😉

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Yesterday, my throat ache. It troubled me all day, painful…

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For a long time, I havn’t use flock as my defualt browser. Because it has a little extenstions.

But now, I found that the number of extenstion has growed up quickly.

so let’s use flock again.

This blog was published by flock blogger wirter.

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These days, I was so busy that I have no more time to write my blogs.

Job must come first, doesn’t it? 😉

And also these days, I was always think about my own business. I want follow mao’s advise to leave myself more time, and learn more. Though maybe chance can’t wait.

I think I wrote poor English here, because I was so tired that I want go to bed. There must be many many mistakes, clam down buddy. Good night, and have a nice dream.


Python is a clear and powerful object-oriented programming language, comparable to Perl, Tcl, Scheme, or Java.

If you were Chinese blogger, you may Know there is a web2.0 site named “douban”, it was build on python.

I was a fan of “douban”, in order to know how douban works, I decided to learn how to programing with python.

I found 1 guide book named “a byte of python” hope it will do some help to me. And if you know more good guide book for beginners, pls tell me.

I have an annual holiday this Monday. It’s too tied for me to go to Shanghai and back Hangzhou in one day.

So I slept about 12 hours when I back home. And I haven’t post blog yesterday.

In my opinion, two days’ CBC2005 was successfull enough, and I met so many bloggers in the meeting. Though there’s still some pities for me, like I haven’t meet Jianshuo at the meeting, because he havn’t show up at the second day, may be he was too busy to attend.

Today, I am back to work, in the next days, I will continully blogging my blog;)

And I looking forward the CBC2006 (maybe it’s in BeiJing?)

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