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I bought my PC long time ago. It’s Hardware spec was so poor in now a days.

CPU: P III 800MHZ RAM:128 SDRAM Chipset: Intel i815EP

It always work hard…I found it get slower and slower day by day. I have to upgrade my PC inorder to get better performance. But I have not so much budget, I desided to upgrade my RAM first, it’s my PC’s choke point. So I bought 1 256SDRAM for it.

Now with the new RAM, my PC feel much more faster now 😉

I have tried to browse depend on firefox, but at that time many many websites was not designed for firefox. So it’s a bad surfing experience for me.

But last Firday I downloaded the firefox 1.5 beta2, and I tried again. Amazing, it works!  I really have to say now the surfing experience was extremely good. And I downloaded some extensions for my “fox”.

I am planing from now on, I will try to browse depend on firefox again. Just as it’s slogan: Rediscover the web.  You really really should have a try. 😉



不知道是我的操作不对还是本来就不支持? 有谁做过这个事情么,如果你成功了,还请告诉我. 谢啦.

写这个只是因为看到只说写给小小的信,很感兴趣,所以画蛇添足地要写这个.或者大家想只说写的是Geek对话美女主编,那我用什么题目呢. 或者咱们朴素一点,就是两个Blogger之间的对话吧.

这个系列,犹豫了很久是单独写给一个朋友还是写给我的朋友们呢? 初步决定还是应该写给那些我一直仰慕,但是缘悭一面的Blogger朋友们。





恩….我期待的扮相?我犹豫在到底要不要彻底搞怪的边缘。最后决定还是要小小搞一下地 🙂

当当当当!下面宣布我的最期待扮相是:(故意拖长音….)—-小叮当 !!!





I got one more wordpress.com invitition yesterday, and I sent it to myself 😉

I planed to set up an English&Chinese group blog. I havn’t descided the name of that blog yet. Any good ideas, welcome mention me.

I think the group blog will mainly focus on the Business comment?

If you have any intrested in it. You can E-mail me, my e-mail address? You can found in “About me”

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Technorati Tags: 中文网志年会, 上海, CBC2005

I try to publish my blog by using Flock browser. It has a function you can write blog spot in a utility 😉

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Days before I said, wordpress.com offers a function can import “blogger.com” blogs.

But today, I found that “import” button disapeared from the dashboard. Why? Google unsatisfied with this function? I don’t know, and I don’t think so.

But, I have an other invition again, so if you want that invition, you can leave a comment below, I will sent it to you, remember only 1 invition, you really should be fast 🙂

I added my Chinese resume on this blog. You can visit form here.

This resume will keep updated, and be a beta version for a long time. But you still can get many of my information by click it.

I am looking forward someone see my resume and contact me 😉

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